Sustainable Development

Located in the last remaining area of ​​Samu pine forest of Sapa at 1550m altitude, leaning against Ham Rong mountain, facing the national heritage of Muong Hoa valley – ranked among the world’s top 10 most beautiful terraced fields, Ville De Mont mountain resort is exclusively designed to honor Sapa’s pristine beauty.


We cherish and incorporate the local culture with both traditional and modern elements into our processes of design, decoration, and cuisine while acknowledging the intellectual property rights of the local community. For all the favors given to Ville De Mont by Sapa itself, Ville De Mont respectfully treasures and return to this precious land.

Eco-friendly Design & Construction

Our eco-resort is embedded with sustainable development, proven by a desirable ratio of 50%+ landscape area with daily and weekly landscape care. The villas are built according based on the natural terrain without significant leveling, maintaining maximum view of undisturbed nature and allowing our rooms to be lavishly filled with natural light.

Minimizing Plastic Waste

At Ville De Mont Mountain Resort, we say No to single-use plastic and maximize the use of recycled products by limiting the use of straws, cups, and plastic bags and simultaneously replacing them with natural substitutes made from bamboo, rice flour, glass…


Energy Saving

Ville De Mont Mountain Resort has limited high-power lights, but instead utilize a public lighting system involving energy-saving yellow light bulb of only 5-7W. Our outdoor lamps are designed to be tucked inside stone poles, interwoven with the landscape or wrapped in mushroom-shaped poles created our technical staff.


Preservation and Development of Indigenous Culture

We are constantly exploring and integrating indigenous elements into the architecture design and decoration of the resort including roof system, wood fireplace, textile decoration,… Our restaurant menu is crafted and enhanced from the original ingredients and indigenous processing methods the local Sapa people such as: Thang Co, grilled chicken with Sichuan pepper, sturgeon, salmon, roasted buffalo shank with rock salt, stream fish, stream duck, mountainous pig…

Commitment to Community Responsibility & Sustainable Development of Local Communitiesg

Creating job opportunities for local employees and organizing on-site professional and foreign language training is our pathway to develop resources and services that Ville De Mont Mountain Resort, for the benefit of the community, to develop the people and preserve the culture of this land.

Local Business Support

By organizing experience tours to discover local crafts of beeswax painting, natural indigo dyeing, incense making, sticky rice cake making and more, Ville De Mont Mountain Resort aims to bring more travelers directly to the traditional craft villages to have a one-of-a-kind experience and to partially contribute to the income of local people.

Created By Indigenous People

At Ville De Mont, 90% of the staff body are local indigenous people. They are offered equal opportunities for employment (remuneration, canteen, dormitory) and promotion, including management positions. Periodic training programs are available for local community to help prepare them for more career opportunities.

Recreation and Preservation of Mountainous Market Gathering

We wholeheartedly welcome local people to our weekend market in Ville De Mont Mountain Resort to sell their craft products, especially ones embedded with their indigenous culture, without charging any fee, as our humble way to help them earn extra income.

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