Sapa – The vacation capital

In 1903, the French discovered Sapa with its beautiful landscape and a desirable climate, marking this town’s turn to become an ideal vacation destination. The beautiful landscapes of Sa Pa attracted French folks and set the start for many of French upper class’ adventures. Chief of the Central Department of Urban Planning and Architecture CERUTTI indicated in Indochina Magazine (Vol. 164-165, published on October 28, 1943):

“Sapa, a beautiful vacation destination reminiscent of the Alps, is classified among vacation destinations with diverse development. This explains why the most beautiful plots overlooking the Muong Hoa valley and Fansipan peak with the highest terrain, landscapes, and sunny time are prioritized for construction of villas according to the zoning map.”

Our Story

Following in the footsteps in the long quest for the land representing all of Sapa’s unique attributes, Truong Giang Sapa Group has established a unique resort at height – Ville De Mont Mountain Resort. After 5 years of construction, Ville De Mont Mountain Resort – a mountain resort hidden in the heart of the century-old Samu pine forest at the altitude of 1,550m above sea level has finally come into operation.

As in the 2004 Sapa Zoning Map with the help of a group of French urban planning experts from the University of Bordeaux, Ville De Mont Mountain Resort has been well received by the public for the developers’ efforts in honoring the natural beauty of the Ham Rong Mountain’s southern slope, Muong Hoa Valley and Hoang Lien Son range, contributing to Ville De Mont Mountain Resort’s success in treasuring the distinctive attributes of an original Sapa.

Keeping the giant natural white stone blocks and century-old pine forest intact, with contemporary architecture of wood and stone, the boutique-style villas Ville De Mont Mountain Resort serves as the symbol and “genetic code” of a land with pristine beauty and authentic culture boasting romance and magnificence at the same time since the early 19th century until later.

Press & Award

Wolrd Travel Award

Best Hotels – Resorts Awards

World Luxury Awards

Our philosophy

Sustainable Development

Located in the last remaining Samu pine forest area of Sapa, Ville De Mont mountain resort is uniquely designed to preserve the Sapa’s pristine beauty. We respect and celebrate the local culture with both of its tradition and modernity in our process of design, decoration, and cuisine while acknowledging the intellectual property rights of the local community. We also pay attention to the community responsibility aspect through inclusion of 90% local employees in our staff structure, supporting local businesses with organized experiences in surrounding villages or the weekend markets right in the resort.

Conservation of nature – Preservation of culture – Embracement of community responsibilities

“For all the favors given to Ville De Mont by Sapa itself, Ville De Mont respectfully treasures and return to this precious land.”


The town in magical snow


Peach blossoms, plum blossoms, the call for spring


Festive time with bustling festivals and local highland market gatherings


Ideal weather and flowers blooming season


Luminous reflective terraced fields under the sun in rain season


Rice transplanting season with young seedling thriving fast


Season of specialty fruits in Sapa: peach, pear, plum, bayberry,…


Immersed in the lush green of the growing rice terraced fields.


Paddy rice blooms


Golden ripe rice fields expands over hills after hills


Sapa town in the mist with the first chilling breezes of the cold season


The beginning of the season of floating sea of ​​clouds until April.


Private car drive ~ 6 hours

The route from Hanoi to Sapa has been made convenient now thanks to the Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway, the pass road has been upgraded with wider lanes. Thus, travelers with skilled driving can drive to Sapa by themselves much more easier than ever before.

Sleeper bus travel ~ 6 hours

This is one of the popular means of transport to Sapa among travelers. Currently, there are different sleeper bus types including single, double and cabin bus. Sleeper buses to Sapa usually come in large size, shock-resistant feature, allowing passengers to have a comfortable experience on the go.

Reliable bus companies: Sao Viet, Green Bus, Ha Son Hai Van, … Bus fares range from 250,000 VND – 500,000 VND per ticket, depending on the company.

Train & car travel ~ 8-10 hours

Traveling to Sapa by train is also one of the favorite options by many people due to safety reasons. You can travel from the stations in Hanoi to Lao Cai station, then pick a taxi or a bus to cross the pass to Sapa town. Passengers can ejoy the landscapes the way, which was not an option when traveling by road vehicles.

However, traveling by train takes longer and requires extra transit by bus to reach Sapa town center. Additionally, weekend train tickets sold out quickly, thus should be booked days in advance.

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