Spa treatment according to Wellness standards

Our spa area with picturesque views of the mountains and Muong Hoa valley, where customers can enjoy relaxing time with indigenous remedies including hot stone massage, traditional herbal bath of the Red Dao ethnic minority, and acupressure detox massage. Enjoy local therapeutic services by our local staff, in a relaxing space with a view of the vast valley filled with clouds.

Integrated indigenous medicinal knowledge

An outstanding feature of Ville De Mont’s Massage service is that it integrates the therapeutic remedies of local indigenous people. The medicinal herbs are hand-picked by the people from the forest, sun-dried, and decocted for half an hour to create a wine-like dark red bath water with a distinctive divine herbal aroma. The medicinal herbs of the Red Dao people are known to bring great health benefits such as treating rheumatism, bone pain, skin problems, detoxifying, enhancing vitality and rejuvenation, etc.

Foot massage

Using traditional herbal medicinal decoction of the Red Dao ethnic minority, foot massage helps relieve foot pain, soothe stress, enhance circulation and boost positive energy.

Essential oil massage

Full body massage with gentle fragrant rose essential oil helps to improve skin hyderation, blood circulation and bring good sleep

Thai Massage

Using the method of acupressure, this massage helps with blood circulation and awakens our body’s energy, as well as eliminate stress, fatigue, while restoring health quickly after hours of tiring work.

Hot stone massage

Using heated mountain stones to conduct heat, stimulate important acupressure points in the body with depth and strength, helping to increase energy from within.

Herbal massage

Using herbal pouches made of natural leaves (eucalyptus, ginger, herbs, lemongrass, reishi, …), our herbal massage helps the body eliminate toxins, fatigue and aching pain.

Red Dao herbal bath

Traditional bath decoction of the Red Dao ethnic minority with completely natural ingredients of herbs, bark, forest leaves, … helps to smoothen the skin, circulate blood flows and relieve body aches, especially effective for people with bone pain, weather allergies, insomnia and postpartum women.

Relax in our swimming pool

among the clouds, in the heart of mountains

Ville De Mont Mountain Resort boasts the highest-altitude outdoor infinity pool in Sapa, with a view of the entire Muong Hoa valley, where visitors can just relax in the middle of warm swimming pool all four seasons thanks to our boiler power system. Enjoy a cocktail and watch the majestic view, clouds roll down from the top of the mountain.

Discover the Undiscovered


Indigenous recipes are inherited by our 5-star chefs of Ville De Mont Mountain Resort, further elevated into sophisticated, luxurious dishes or delicious BBQ parties. Locally sourced natural ingredients surely bring up exquisite meals with unforgettable tastes for every diner.


Indulge yourself in the adventurous Sapa life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, discover the original beauty of Sapa through exciting nature-immersed activities such as cycling, hiking, trekking and learning about traditional local crafts such as: herbal indigo dyeing, beeswax painting, sticky rice cake making,…


Following our business philosophy with a focus on nature conservation and indigenous culture preservation, our 39-villa resort is designed with in contemporary architecture with a touch of Sapa’s indigenous architecture. Utilizing natural materials from stone, wood, glass, … our design maximize the view over the surrounding nature.


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