At an elevated altitude of 1555m, hidden in a century-old samu pine forest, our 39 villas boast magnificient views of the famous Fansipan peak and Muong Hoa valley – one of the world’s top 10 most beautiful terraced fields.

The journey to Ville De Mont is all about discovering the undiscovered. Discover the magnificent nature of Vietnam’s Northwest, discover the unique indigenous culture of 6 indigenous minorities in Sapa, while at the same time discovering yourself.

There’s nothing quite like waking up in a forest at an impressive altitude – the sheer sound, feels and the sensation brought by the surroundings of biodiverse landscapes or the ever-changing weather remind us of the nature’s marvels.

Indigeneity woven in contemporary architecture

On Vietnam’s Northwest mountains

Inspired by the design of colonial French villas combined with Sapa’s indigenous architecture, each villa is a unique masterpiece situated on the natural terrain, representing the true beauty of an original Sapa.

The interior is meticulously custom-designed from local natural materials such as stone, natural wood in lowkey colors, harmoniously combined with textiles made by indigenous women exclusively for the resort. As rustic and familiar as it is, the details still spark hints of sophistication and luxury

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Unique cuisine filled with authentic local tastes

Indigenous recipes are inherited by our 5-star chefs of Ville De Mont Mountain Resort, further elevated into sophisticated, luxurious dishes or delicious BBQ parties. Locally sourced natural ingredients surely bring up exquisite meals with unforgettable tastes for every diner.

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Getting healed by nature

Spa area with a view over Muong Hoa valley, where our guests can relax while being given indigenous treatments and remedies such as red Dao herbal bath, herbal detox acupressure massage, hot stone massage, etc. Our nature-immersed cozy spaces offer moments of great relaxation and rewind time during their stay at Ville De Mont Mountain Resort.

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Discover Authentictictity

Discover the unique indigenous culture through distinctive local architecture and food scenes.

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 Explore challenging adventures and conquer your limits

Discover The Nature

Discover the magnificent nature of Sapa right outside our door


Our business philosophy


Preserve natural stone structure, preserve intact samu forest and vegetation of Sapa. Use natural materials and minimize plastic waste. Save energy by using warmer light, low power.

We also emphasize on community responsibility with a body of 90% locally sourced staff who are honest, warm-hearted and hospitable. We support local businesses with organized experiences in local villages or weekend markets right in the heart of our resort.

Our Sustainable Development Story

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